What Skills Do We Need to Become a Wedding Planner?

What Skills Do We Need to Become a Wedding Planner?

Wedding Planning is an occupation that is tough and entertaining both a time. It’s a complete business to understand the different levels of management. This profession requires the next level of thinking, planning, and plotting to create a new theme/ decoration for each wedding. Wedding Planner is a designation to prove the skills of a highly creative mind and a grand positioned thinker. Yes, for a wedding planner the most creative idea hits with the combination of past experiences and an element of professionalism. It is being a planner it’s easy to manage the wedding but really hard to plan it. Wedding Planning & a Planner are two different aspects of this occupation. One decides the client’s interest by approaching the right planning method that can covert the ceremony into a celebration. A planner must design and execute the wedding in the same way he/ she presents in front of the clients as it can make them famous and a lot more publicity can be done in a single event. This quality hits the right market for the planner and gives end numbers of opportunities to earn more.
Being a Wedding Planner is both a reward & challenge and it’s rated to be one of the most stressful profiles in the world. So when it comes to Wedding/ Event planning, you need a diverse set of wedding/ event planning skills in you. Wedding Planning is a very competitive field, and prospective events managers require a unique combination of skills and qualities in order to succeed and become famous. So, here is a brief list of some skills that are needed to become a wedding planner and succeed in this industry. Some of these skills come naturally, but others are acquired & cultivated by formal training or practice.

Multi - Tasking

This is most important for a Wedding planner/ coordinator to multitask. This is oblivious for a planner to work as a multi-tasking person in a wedding, as it may involve clients, vendors, guests & coordinators. It asks for the best dealing at the same time, so being a planner one must have the quality of multi-tasking. As it defines the job responsibility of the planner & his/ her team. Being a multi-tasking planner and coordinator, a wedding planner must have looked at all the aspects of the wedding with the same passion and must pay equal attention.


A well-executed wedding happens with perfect planning, it comes suddenly but the right planning & execution makes it marvelous. The wedding takes place with many small details; It requires sharp organizational skills – right from planning to post-event analysis. A great wedding organizer is responsible to keep an eye on the complete picture, the overall management, and the quality of the event without losing any details. An outstanding wedding planner never waits for the right time he/ she create the deadlines & work accordingly, it shows their extraordinary managerial skills, and the organization of a perfect team highlights the expected execution of the event.

Team Player/ Leadership

A practical wedding coordinator can function as the energizer so the team feels motivated to work long hours without complaining. Everyone can learn to motivate or organize a team, even if you’re not naturally extroverted or born leader. Although you can’t become a leader overnight, there are specific strategies to develop these skills. Start now by asking yourself what you want to accomplish by using your leadership goals. Then, build an action plan that strengthens leadership skills and follow it daily. You have to constantly evaluate your team, and your vendors and make sure that they are placed where they add the most value. This is very important because, if each person is not adding value to the team, you won’t achieve your potential as a team. Respect them & Be open to receiving criticism, feedback, and input from them as well.


A wedding planning career is all about meeting and dealing with family, couples & relatives. Therefore, one of the most important event planning skills required is good communication. Good communication is a major factor to hit the list of being an event planner. Whether it is communicating within the team or with clients, event managers must speak their points clearly and in a friendly manner. Those who can communicate with everyone with clarity, confidence, diplomacy, respect, and a cool head, even in times of stress can be successful Planners/Coordinators.


This is the last step before you get the contract. Always remember that we are meeting with high-profile clients, industrialists, and politicians to get contracts. They are more talented, experienced, hard negotiators, and tough to deal with. How profitable the project depends on how well you stuck with your rates and get the contract.

Don’t let the vendor rush you into making any decisions. If you stay undecided for a while and appear to be looking at other options, the vendor definitely offers you a further discount. Hiring the same vendor most of the time and providing them with more business would be the easiest negotiation around.


You must have good networks, you should develop good contacts with experienced, high-quality & reliable wedding suppliers like hotels, photographers, florists, caterers, make-up artists, artists, musicians, etc. Your ability to network will help you get the best deals possible. Sometimes sending referrals to each other also helps you to find the right clients without spending your time. Register & Attend Networking meetings & events happening in different cities to give exposure to your business.


Initially, you need to spread awareness & promote your business through Google, your website & social media. As soon as you get a lead try to fix an appointment/ meeting. Meetings with your clients are one of the most effective marketing tips. Face-to-face meetings are one of the best ways to close a new deal. Partnering with venues, florists, caterers, designers, music, bands, and other vendors who are involved in the wedding planning industry, will increase your exposure as well as help you find new clients. Blogs and Articles are a great way, to share the latest trends, creative ideas & tips for successful weddings. Your blog content can be found through Internet searches on Google. Word of mouth is the strongest and the best marketing tip so give your best in whatever you do, small or big event.


Weddings & other ceremony days need the proper care of financial management. For a planner, it is very important to manage the budget step by step. He fixed costs, indirect costs & uncertain costs all these expenses impact the budget in an event. A Wedding Planner with excellent Business Skills knows good financial management, one should know the charge he/ she will be taking from the clients, paying to its suppliers/ vendors and after all certain & Uncertain expenses the rest of the balance left with the planner as his/ her service cost (planner’s earning).


Being creative in whatever you do is the biggest demand in the Wedding Planning field. Every time you plan an event you are supposed to suggest something that is unique, uncommon, innovative & creative. Common & repetitive ideas coming from Wedding professionals are not appreciable at all. While all clients would not go with your suggested ideas & themes, they’ll refer you to work on elements, themes, and designs they do feel comfortable with. Even though you have to design your presentation well with trending ideas & creativity.

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