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This city is a sight to behold with its panoramic views of the hills and is being established as a smart city in the Himalayas. It not only captures breathtaking scenic beauty but also provides gateway to the nearby areas. It is a renowned research and academic hub. It also holds proximity to close tourist attraction places.

IEM Dehradun is a great institution spread on a vast land. Students from across the nation enrol here for its beautiful campus, picturesque landscape and peaceful atmosphere.


Diploma in Event

It is a certified program which provides extensive training to students like analysing, planning, marketing, organising, and evaluating of events.

It is a professional course and a semester based program which helps you seek great opportunities ahead in life in the field of Event management.
It is a certified program which provides in-depth knowledge and lays the foundation of event management and its techniques.
It is a certified program for students aspiring to serve in the field of hospitality. It teaches all the essentials for hotel management both theoretical and practical.
It is a program which provides comprehensive knowledge about planning a wedding. It helps students get meticulous arranging a wedding from conception to completion.

It is an accredited program that methodically offers a wide range of knowledge and lays the foundation for event management and its frameworks.


Dehradun is famous for its



Monasteries &


Geological museums
& libraries

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