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A blend of the ancient and the modern, the city of Noida is known for its infrastructure and its rich culture. A great learning centre and hub of universities, Noida’s grandeur is unparalleled.

Apart from being the cleanest and the greenest, the Noida campus exhibits rich architecture and exudes multicultural charm. The campus offers a great variety of courses to its students.


Diploma in Event

It is a certified program which provides extensive training to students like analysing, planning, marketing, organising, and evaluating of events.

It is a professional course and a semester based program which helps you seek great opportunities ahead in life in the field of Event management.
It is a certified program which provides in-depth knowledge and lays the foundation of event management and its techniques.
It is a certified program for students aspiring to serve in the field of hospitality. It teaches all the essentials for hotel management both theoretical and practical.
It is a program which provides comprehensive knowledge about planning a wedding. It helps students get meticulous arranging a wedding from conception to completion.

It is an accredited program that methodically offers a wide range of knowledge and lays the foundation for event management and its frameworks.


Noida is famous for its


Top notch

Being the greenest
city of India


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