Discover the Serenity and Promise of IEM Gwalior: Your Gateway to Academic Excellence

Gwalior, in the centre of Madhya Pradesh, is positioned to develop into a modern city amidst gorgeous hills. Renowned for its stunning panorama and advantageous location, it is becoming a centre for academic study and acts as a gateway to surrounding locations.

Situated on vast grounds, IEM Gwalior draws students from all across the country with its alluring campus, beautiful surroundings, and peaceful atmosphere. Come along for a rewarding educational experience amid Gwalior’s majesty.


Diploma in Event

It is a certified program which provides extensive training to students like analysing, planning, marketing, organising, and evaluating of events.

It is a professional course and a semester based program which helps you seek great opportunities ahead in life in the field of Event management.
It is a certified program which provides in-depth knowledge and lays the foundation of event management and its techniques.
It is a certified program for students aspiring to serve in the field of hospitality. It teaches all the essentials for hotel management both theoretical and practical.
It is a program which provides comprehensive knowledge about planning a wedding. It helps students get meticulous arranging a wedding from conception to completion.
It is a course curated for the students interested in the world of media. It gives thorough knowledge of aspects of advertisement & media and how it influences the event management industry.

Gwalior is famous for its

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