Major Departments of Hotels

Whether it is a small owner-managed hotel or a large hotel chain, the hotel of today is an organized commercial unit. A large hotel’s organization is made up of many departments. As an event planner or hospitality expert, one must have a great knowledge of all the details of the departments of the hotel.

Front Office

Front Office is the first part of a hotel that greets the guests on their arrival. The front office is responsible to collect and share all the important documents and details required for guests to check into the hotel. The front office worker maintains the database of guest information. This department has other work as managing reservations of guests and registering the room from various sources and managing the rooms as per the commitment. For a business such as hospitality, the front office department comes with an aspect of elevating the customer experience with the business. The Front Office department is a common link between the customers and the business.

Housekeeping Department

Housekeeping is an operational department in a hotel, which is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public areas, back areas, and surroundings. The effort that a housekeeping department makes in giving a guest a desirable room has a direct bearing on the guest’s experience in a hotel. This department’s work and effort are directly affected which makes it in working mode 24/7.


The role of the Food Production or Kitchen department is to prepare food for the guest. The guests who are staying in the hotel rooms and also those who are walk-in guests come to the restaurants to enjoy meals. The Hotel Food production and sub-departments of the hotel kitchen are headed by the Executive Chef.

Food and Beverage

This department is sometimes known as the “Engine Room” of a hotel establishment. The food and beverage department takes care of the food and drinks services for the guests. Some of the branches of the F&B Department are bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.


It is the most important department in the hotel industry. Because if there is a problem in a guest’s room, the maintenance department will go there and fix it. they must be available 24/7 and always in a ready-to-go position like the housekeeping department. this department has every stream of workers and engineers. Although maintenance departments may outsource certain duties to third-party specialists or experts in some situations, it is still the Maintenance Manager’s responsibility to oversee the operations of third-party vendors. Any member of the maintenance crew, from the apprentice to the manager in charge, must have a qualifying qualification in an applicable engineering subject. They will also require a hospitality qualification to truly grasp the hotel industry and the needs of customers and personnel on-site. This, combined with extensive job experience, will make them employable both locally and globally, opening many avenues for travel or work in a variety of hospitality enterprises.

Safety and Security

It is also one of the main departments of hotels because these works maintain the security and safety of everyone in the hotel. In every Hotel, the life and luggage of guests are always on top priority. This department has some trained people who always put their eyes on the whole premises. The development, execution, and maintenance of a complex of organizational and technical measures to avoid unacceptable financial harm to the hotel as a result of the implementation of accidental or deliberate threats are referred to as hotel security systems. Client safety is defined as confidentiality, personal safety of individuals staying at the hotel, safety of human life, hotel property, and client property throughout hotel service.

Human Resources

The main operative work of Human resources is maintaining the company’s face value, building and recruiting the team for other departments, and selecting after the department’s approval. The Human Resources Department in a hotel is most concerned with people. The human touch is essential. A hotel’s human resource department is responsible for anticipating, acquiring, selecting, and developing the hotel’s current and future employee needs. It also encompasses the employment evaluation, recruitment, selection, and orientation processes.


Accountability does not end anywhere! This department is major work managing the account of the hotel. Their work is maintaining the bills and selling and purchasing. They manage bank accounts, and general ledger and analyze the data department-wise expenses.

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