How is communication a way to success for an organization?

How is communication a way to success for an organization?

A business organization can simply be understood as a group of people working together under the same roof to bring financial profit to an organization. Communication is the key to any successful organization. All of the employees must have a cooperative environment to unlock their skills and bring good success to the company.
Business communication is the process of communication that takes between two or more people inside the company. Good and effective communication inside the business is the key to the success of most companies. Communication builds up trust and harmony among the employees which makes them productive working.
According to Prof. J. Haste “when the communication occurs between either two or more than two business people for the purpose of effective organization and administration of business then it is considered as Business Communication.” It plays an important in developing and bringing good business to the organization. It enhances the success rate of a company and builds up a positive working environment. Some of the importance of good business communication in an organization are:


Healthy communication leads to effective teamwork in Business. It maintains good and positive energy around the office which boosts the morale of the employee. It increases the understanding and trust between the employees because of which the tasks and workloads are completed quickly and efficiently. It also minimizes the chances of mistakes and errors at work.


Clients play a vital role in the business. Every business plans strategies to increase its client base. A good marketing strategies and Public Relations campaign run by the organization can attract loads of clients and retain the current customers.


While working in a good environment, the employees could have a free mind which could generate amazing ideas and plans to boost the business. Communication helps to generate more ideas from every employee which works positively for the company’s success.


If information is shared smoothly and effectively in inter-departments and intra-departments then different departments of any business like accounts, finance, purchase, operations, HR, IT, production, etc. can do their tasks more accurately and timely.


Maintaining good communication throughout the Company will decrease the chances of any Conflict or misunderstanding which can increase the efficiency of employees. The conflicts or doubts are cleared in a healthy conversation which promotes the productivity of the employees.


Achieving Goals means building the success rate of the company. Through effective business communication employees become attentive and productive in doing their jobs which results in the timely accomplishment of their tasks and easy goal attainment. It also promotes a positive environment at work which boosts the confidence of the employees.

Event Management is a very creative career that has been one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Events are all about social gatherings like weddings, parties, etc which are one of the most important needs of human beings. Indians include events in every special step of their life which makes it very Popular and Demanding.

Event management is a business industry related to planning, executing, organizing, and managing all work related to an event. This field of work requires a lot of Practical skills and great knowledge of every small part of an event.

At today’s date, Event Management has left a good mark on the economic statistics of our country. Many people fancy event management because of its glam and beautiful lifestyle, but planning an event can be very difficult without Quality Education as it requires a lot of hard work and constant generation of creative ideas, lot of hard work, management, organizing, plans, etc.

Every event manager must know the event he/she is planning is an important occasion for his/her clients. There are many branches of event management and an event manager should ace every one of them to satisfy their variety of clients. Events are brought to life by the project management of a series of well-thought-out plans and tasks. So one must have good knowledge of every basic step as well as he/she must have worked for many events to understand the process of an event.

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