IEM Delhi is all set to welcome you with comprehensive set of learning

An institutional hub, Delhi is listed with pre eminent institutions and universities. Students from wide and far places come for higher education to this welcoming place.

IEM Delhi provides an eco friendly learning space and is a ragging free campus with ‘zero tolerance policy’ for such acts. It is a fun and cherishing learning experience at this institution.


It is a certified program which provides extensive training to students like analysing, planning, marketing, organising, and evaluating of events. It helps in overall development of students and enhances their decision making ability, consequently helping them strive for a better future.
It is a professional course and a semester based program which helps you seek great opportunities ahead in life in the field of Event management. The extensive trainings and practical activities lead you to your dream jobs making you ideal for them.
It is a certified program which provides in-depth knowledge and lays the foundation of event management and its techniques. It provides all the essentials required to excel in the industry of Event management.
It is a course curated for the students interested in the world of media. It gives thorough knowledge of aspects of advertisement, journalism and media and how it influences the event management industry.
It is a certified program for students aspiring to serve in the field of hospitality. It teaches all the essentials for hotel management both theoretical and practical. It also helps in grooming the personalities and honing communication skills. The different topics covered being accounting and budgeting, front office management, wedding catering and hygiene and quality management.
It is a certified program which provides comprehensive knowledge about planning a wedding. It helps students get meticulous details about how to go about arranging a wedding from conception to completion.
It includes aspects like destination weddings, invitations and gifting, photography and videography, themed weddings, decor, sound & light etc.

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