Destination Dubai Trip

A glimpse of Destination Dubai!

IEM and E-Factor Experiences Ltd. Samit Garg together to achieve great milestones in Event Industry.
The BURJ CEO Awards with IEM Institute of Event Management Attending Workshop
Proud Members sharing the frame with renowned Event and Hospitality industry experts from Hotel Palazzo Versace Dubai, Event TV live, and IEM.
IEM and Event TV Live at Indian Pavillion Expo 2020, exchanging some words of wisdom on the Indian event industry.
IEM and Vibrant global are in the same frame, moving towards to betterment of the Indian Event Industry.
A glimpse of Destination Dubai! Our members of Behind The Scene team unlock the knowledge of the beautiful event in the trip to Destination Dubai.
Our team at Palazzo Versace Dubai learning and upgrading their skills in Event Hospitality.
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Media Partner – EVENT TV LIVE
Our Team and the members of Scream Entertainment enjoying the trip to Destination Dubai!
Our members and team of Kuber PurpleBerry in Trip to Destination Dubai exploring the heights of Catering and Hospitality management.
IEM and great event personalities together in a frame to help generate the next level of event planners in India with absolute quality and diligence.
Our team members with Matrix AVE , unlearning the amazing skills and qualities required to achieve great success in entertainment industry.
A glimpse of Destination Dubai! Our members discussing over the in-depth features of event production with Fern Event Rentals to achieve great success in Event Industry.
A glimpse of Destination Dubai! Great Moments of our members with the Fern Event Rentals team in the Trip to Destination Dubai.
Our Members learning the art of scaffolding in event industry with the expertise of Apex Scaffolding & Access Solutions in destination Dubai.
Exploring the World Expo 2020 with our greatest Indian Pavellion in the trip to Destination Dubai with IEM.
IEM with the members of Indian Pavilion Team at World Dubai Expo 2020!
Our Members exploring their skills in event management with the members of Vibrant Global.