Classification of Hotels

Everyone has stayed in a hotel once in their lifetimes. All of us have experienced hotels’ hospitality and accommodation facilities on our trips. But have we ever bothered to know how actually things work and how many types of hotels are there on the market? We must know all this in detail if we are looking forward to having a career in the Event Industry. Find out all your answers about the details of the hotel on IEM Blogs.
A Hotel can be defined as ‘A commercial establishment providing lodging, meals, and other guest services. A hotel is that specific place where we can stay and get some facilities in the exchange for money. Hotels are categorized into many types based on various factors such as size, location, theme, ownership, etc.


In every physical or property-based business, size is a very important factor that reflects the value of the hotel in the market. The hotel size specifies the number of rooms in the hotel. In the hospitality industry, hotels are categorized into 4 parts based on hotel size. A hotel that consists of 25 or fewer rooms is considered a small hotel. Similarly, 25-100 rooms, 100-300 rooms, and 300 + rooms are known as medium, large, and very large hotels respectively.


Location is one of the prime aspects of the categorization of the hotel. The hotel based on its location affects its function and sales. We often find hotels on highways known as motels; their prime function is to help travelers with good accommodation facilities. According to its need, it helps the travelers for only accommodation. In similar ways, we have airport hotels that are built for the passengers to stay for layover flights.


The level of services categorizes the services over the services and amenities that they provide to the guest. We may find hotels that provide world-class services like 5 and 7-star hotel which is mainly occupied by the rich clientele of celebrities. Several mid-range hotels have good facilities and have more of the mid-price range.


The star rating system is internationally recognized as the yardstick for a hotel’s overall quality. One country may regard a 3-star venue will be a 2-star in another, and vice versa. There is no international standard that hotels across the world subscribe to, the stars all pertain to a hotel’s level of service, facilities, rooms, location, and price.


Hotels are also classified according to their owners. Many hotels are owned by a huge organization or have a single owner. Most hotels have branches like chain hotel which also comes under the types of ownership. Independent hotels do not have identifiable ownership or management affiliation with other properties

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