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Basics of Marketing & Branding

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Understanding marketing mix
  • B2B vs. B2C marketing
  • Getting started with the branding
  • Introduction to online market research

Facebook Advertising

  • Introduction to FB Ads – Lead Generation, Engagement, Website Visits, etc.
  • FB Ads Campaign Creation – Live Walk though
  • FB Ads Best Practices

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Growth of online marketing
  • Understanding online marketing channels
  • Types of digital campaigns
  • Elements of digital marketing strategy

Email Marketing

  • Importance of email marketing
  • How to write effective mails
  • Email strategy creation
  • Email Marketing Tool

Social Media Optimisation For Business

  • Social media introduction
  • Exploring different social media networks
  • Optimizing Facebook pages for business
  • Optimizing business presence on Twitter
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Instagram Marketing

Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing

  • What is Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing
  • Key Personal Branding Platform
  • Personal Branding 60 Days Road Map
  • Marking Money with Digital Products