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Program Benefits

Learn From Industry Leaders Who Have Built Billion Dollar Businesses.

1. Busyness to Business:

A course to make you an operator of your own business helps you make the right decision about important matrices and grow sales & profits.

2. Business Automation:

In this module, a student will learn about new technologies of business automation to manage finance, marketing & organizing.

3. How to sell:

A Sales & Digital Strategic program to boost the selling of a business. A custom approach to negotiating the selling and meeting prospect customers.

4. How to start a startup:

This Program gives value to your ideas to learn the science & maths of fundraising. Through this ready course, one will earn about managing investor relations.

5. Pocket Money to Professional Salary:

Through this module, goal-setting, strength identification, and career planning will become easy tasks.

6. Solopreneurship:

It is a module specifically made for those who dream to own a business. Through this, the student will understand the responsibilities of an entrepreneur as a solo performer/owner of a business.

Dr. Vivek Bindra

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