Institute Of Event Management

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Admission Process

Apply and Register Yourself for Counselling:- 

The student needs to complete the application form to gain admission to the Institute of Event Management. Please fill out the form to apply and get enrolled.

Paying the Academic Fees for taking Final Admissions:

The applicant receives a call from our admission counselor after registration to confirm eligibility, resolve questions, submit documentation, and once all the conditions are met, the applicant must pay the academic fees to eventually get enrolled in the institution. For any inquiry related to the course, you can directly call us and our counselor will assist you.

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Admission Offer

The applications are carefully screened for superior academic performance/communication skills, creative aptitude, interests, and extracurricular accomplishments of the candidates. A list of chosen candidates is prepared by the Admission Committee. Priority will be given to those who show the requisite aptitude for the course they have applied for.